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Maximizing Your Consulting Partnerships!

Maximizing Your Consulting Partnerships!

The “Help Us / Train Us” Model

When engaging with consulting partners, you can maximize the value of your investment by leveraging the subject matter experts assisting with solution design and program delivery. Using a model that focuses on a “help us / train us” approach ensures knowledge and experience from your partner is shared across your organization and endures long after your programs are complete.

Tips for maximizing the value of your consulting relationships: 

  1. Focused Collaboration:  Have your teams schedule time to collaborate and work alongside subject matter experts to build in-depth knowledge tools, products, and industry trends.
  2. Consultative Skills Development:  Professional consultants’ approach problem-solving and program delivery in a structured manner.  Identify techniques and determine what makes sense for your organization and culture.
  3. Impactful Coaching: Work with your partner to set goals, advance skills, improve performance, and develop a plan to grow personally and professionally.
  4. Smart Networking:  Leverage the relationship with your consulting partner to help build a funnel of potential contacts and develop rapport with professionals outside of your organization.

If you want more tips or best practices to maximize the time you have with your consulting partners, consider Optia a partner who works to incorporate the above tips as part of every relationship.

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