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Optia’s experienced team is committed to solving your most complex problems.  We use our breadth and depth of experience in the public and private sector to quickly move our clients forward.


Chemical companies utilize Optia Group’s expertise to embrace transformation to drive sustainable growth.

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Financial Services

Optia Group helps financial services organizations identify and act on opportunities to improve the customer experience while aggressively managing costs.

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Manufacturing organizations must remain nimble and cost-conscious as they work to address challenging market conditions.

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Media & Entertainment

Media and entertainment companies look to Optia Group for help navigating the rapidly changing landscape of consumer preferences and digital content consumption behaviors.

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Pharmaceutical & Medical Products

Pharmaceutical and medical product companies use Optia Group to help build new channels, hire and ramp global teams, and adjust sales and fulfillment efforts based on market demand.

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New retail models require a rapid shift. Optia Group helps retailers keep pace with shifting customer demands, including those driven by COVID-19.

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Today’s technology organizations realize it isn't about selling the technology or the service; it is about convincing your customer that you have the best solution to solve their problem.

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Wired and wireless companies turn to Optia Group for help providing digital infrastructure for commercial, residential, and municipal customers.

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Consumer choice, price volatility, alternative energy options and supply challenges have disrupted the industry and created significant challenges for utilities.

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