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Three Essential Pillars for a Best Practices Playbook

Three Essential Pillars for a Best Practices Playbook

Content is King—But Needs Support!

The saying that “content is king” is only true for best practices that are highly organized, trusted, and immediately available. A digital playbook built upon a well-designed architecture, collaborative content development, and strategic delivery provides three supporting pillars for your best practices to be adopted.

The Three Pillars: Architecture, Collaboration, Delivery  

  1. Architecture
    • Provide a consistent visual structure that is easy to navigate and supports a logical progression through the content.
    • Identify the types of information you will include for each best practice (for example, processes, methods, policies).
    • Create reusable wireframes for each type of information and use them to drive content discovery.
  2. Collaboration
    • Engage a team of top performers to brainstorm, prioritize, and contribute to content development.
    • Involve leadership and stakeholders at strategic decision points in review cycles.
    • Use a test and learn approach with a small set of playbook users to validate that your content is digestible and actionable.
  3. Delivery
    • Make your playbook available from a central location for print and online viewing using a variety of device types.
    • Provide links to information resources that support best practices (for example, checklists, policies, training videos).
    • Establish a cadence to deliver fresh content that is relevant and reliable.

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