What Our Clients Say...

  • "Optia Group helped to integrate our tradeshow lead generation process with our overall sales process. Our team realized a 65% increase in viable leads from tradeshow events in one year."

    -- VP Product Development, Leading Software Company

  • "Our properties always received excellent ratings, yet we were losing prospects early in the sales cycle.  Optia Group partnered with our team to develop options to capture prospects and keep them engaged throughout the sales cycle, thereby increasing our funnel activity and overall close ratios."

    -- VP of Sales & Marketing Company

  • "Competition for experienced resources in our industry sector is fierce. Optia Group worked with our executive committee to develop creative compensation and incentive structures that allow us to attract and retain key staff and executives."

    -- CEO, Software & Services Provider

  • "It is a pleasure to work with the Optia team. Their industry knowledge, creative thinking, responsiveness and professionalism allow me to entrust them with critical projects."

    -- VP of Sales & Marketing, Telecommunications Industry

  • "I knew I needed help to pull off a complicated operations redesign requested by the CEO. I immediately called Optia. Their expertise, flexibility and professionalism led to an on time, on budget delivery of major changes to our operations and systems in less than 120 days. Thanks Optia!"

    -- COO, Financial Services

Business Process Optimization


Objective analysis of your business - and strategies to improve productivity immediately

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Sales Optimization & Strategy


Tools for better selling strategies, more efficient sales operations, and higher conversion rates

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Talent Optimization & Human Capital


Expertise in assessing talent, attracting dynamic human capital, and retaining great people.

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Optimizing Your Business for Success

How Can Your Business Improve?

Business leaders like you are always asking this question. Whether you work for a rapidly growing small to mid-sized business or a global corporation, you are always looking for ways to grow your client base and increase revenue.

At the Optia Group, our business leaders have the same goals. Our passion lies in optimizing business processes, sales strategies, and employee talent to improve efficiency and positively impact your bottom line.

How Can We Help Your Business?

That’s the first question we’ll ask you – because every business is different. Every business has different challenges, processes, and people. First, we’ll listen. Then our practical, experienced team, who thinks like you and has worked in your shoes, will objectively develop strategies with the single goal of optimizing your business for success. Whether you are looking for bandwidth or expertise, we can help immediately.

The Optia Group is committed to partnering with its clients because in our experience, its collaboration that truly drives business evolution. Please review a case study to see our leaders in action, or browse our business solutions.