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A Test and Learn Approach Delivers Digital Transformation at Scale

A Test and Learn Approach Delivers Digital Transformation at Scale
Project Metrics
Account management self-service options delivered in 12 months
Channels transformed for enhanced customer experiences
Cross-functional teams aligned on a single vision

A global media and entertainment company needed to provide customers more choice and control over managing their own accounts. The company used a test and learn, data-driven approach to launch a variety of self-service options.    


With more people demanding choice and control over their accounts, our client wanted to offer more digital, self-service options to enhance the experience for their customers. This initiative was particularly challenging because the company planned to introduce seven new self-service options that involved 12 functional areas of the business. To help prioritize work, they needed to make data-informed decisions along the way. Every self-service option had to prove value at scale and be fully compliant with all applicable laws and regulations.


Optia helped the company assess impacts to the 12 functional business areas and create a flexible launch schedule. The schedule incrementally introduced the seven self-service options over the course of 12 months. We delivered a framework for the company to:

  • Align stakeholders and cross-functional teams – Established project oversight accountability, roles, and responsibilities for senior leadership and the core team
  • Establish a test-and-learn roadmap – Developed a flexible, 12-month roadmap with tracks to incrementally pilot, monitor, measure, prioritize, and launch each option
  • Establish baseline metrics – Identified operational, customer experience, and key performance indicators (KPIs) to establish baselines for pilot project metrics, monitoring, and reporting
  • Provide test aids – Created customer profiles, test scripts, and process flows for each option in the customer experience journey
  • Analyze test-and-learn data – Sliced data from pilots by functional area and analyzed each option for quality, effectiveness, and scalability
  • Establish rigorous regulatory and legal review – Reviewed all customer interactions, processes, procedures, company obligations, and related information assets for regulatory and legal compliance


Incremental test-and-learn feedback cycles enabled the company to make data-informed decisions that achieved the outcomes they wanted:

  • The team had the flexibility to experiment by testing options on a subset of accounts and then measuring impacts to customers, employees, and the company.
  • By repackaging and advertising services for a target group of at-risk customers, the company was able to identify the best self-service option to maximize retention. 
  • Flaws were discovered early to reduce performance risk and additional cost in re-work later.
  • Compliance reviews for each option along the way helped protect customers, employees, and the company by ensuring adherence to all applicable laws, regulations, and industry standards.
  • Each option was proven to boost value and meet quality criteria at scale before full rollout.