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Test and Learn… Embracing the fast fail!

Test and Learn… Embracing the fast fail!

Test and Learn is a set of practices that allow companies to test ideas in a small group to predict impact. All testing should start and end with solid data, align with your business goals, and be conducted in a continuous cycle that includes steps to analyze, ideate, test and improve. 

The process is often designed to answer three questions about any tested program before rollout:

  1. What impact will the program have on key performance indicators if executed across the organization?
  2. Will the program have a larger impact on some groups than others?
  3. Which components of the idea are actually working?

Evaluating the results

Your team planned, launched, and evaluated a new test and learn initiative.  The result…. SUCCCESS!   It’s no secret that everyone loves to win.  Whether it’s your favorite sports team, your business, or your idea. People want that feeling of achievement. Congratulations!

However, what if the initiative failed fast?    Believe it or not this is GREAT news!  Failing fast often gets you closer to a better solution and quickly.  The initiative’s data-driven results allow you to look at where NOT to spend time and money. Congratulations!

Remind yourself and your team regularly that the outcome of fast fail is reframed as an entirely normal and expected part of incubating new ideas, and improving existing ones, instead of a roadblock it becomes a stepping stone to success.

Good luck!