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Score with Every Complex Project

Score with Every Complex Project

Use a Playbook for the Win!

Football coaches have playbooks with their winning strategies and plays. Each player must know all of the plays as well as what other players are doing. Together, they drive the ball down the field to win their games. Likewise, all the people managing and supporting a project must know what they are responsible for doing, when they should do it, and how it relates to the work of others. You too can compile your strategies into a playbook to communicate with the teams working on your projects. Together, they can execute winning strategies chosen from your playbook to successfully complete the project.

Six ways to make your playbook work with your project plan

  1. Identify the tools and resources needed for team members to accomplish goals.
  2. Design your playbook as the entry point to all resources for the project.
  3. Illustrate roles and responsibilities.
  4. Prioritize important activities.
  5. Explain goals from different perspectives.
  6. Make your playbook accessible for print and online use.

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