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Dos and Don’ts of Rapid Onboarding

Dos and Don’ts of Rapid Onboarding

The success of your company and its initiatives is only as good as its people.

Employers that strive to be innovative in all areas of their business recognize that the onboarding journey is the first step in demonstrating leadership and providing an exceptional employee experience. Adopting quick, repeatable, and scalable onboarding processes ensure new team members are able to contribute to the company’s success. 

According to Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) Foundation, “Half of all workers leave new jobs in the first four months, and half of all senior hires fail within 18 months.”
Much of this can be blamed on ineffective onboarding and poor communication of responsibilities.

What does it take to get your new hires on board and making an impact as soon as possible? Check out the dos and don’ts below. 

  • Do ensure new hires understand the strategic vision of the company, along with the total rewards and employee benefits they will receive
  • Do train new hires on soft skills and culture
  • Do cross-train for teams that impact one another
  • Do offer a mentor or buddy for the first few weeks or months, and ensure mentor or buddy understands their responsibilities
  • Do make your onboarding process fun with gamification and automated assessments
  • Do consider leveraging a digital onboarding platform
  • Don’t forget to teach about products and services
  • Don’t rush the onboarding process
  • Don’t make onboarding just an HR function
  • Don’t forget to ask for and provide feedback

If these dos and don’ts of new hire onboarding have got you thinking, “our process needs improvement”, please reach out to us to learn more.