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Reduce Customer Acquisition Costs and Yield More Profits

Reduce Customer Acquisition Costs and Yield More Profits
Project Metrics
Sustained increase in close rate
Days from kick-off through rollout
Sales Representatives trained on the new model

A global technology organization recognized the need to improve efficiency through automation.


When it comes to digital sales transformation, it’s not just about volume. It’s about considering the lifetime value of a customer. If an organization can improve the quality of targeted leads while providing the latest tools to increase productivity, the overall reduction in customer acquisition costs will inevitably yield more profits.

Using Salesforce.com and an enterprise data warehouse, Optia Group worked with the client to help roll out a new sales strategy focused on data analytics to drive digital transformation decisions. Data and an updated user interface based on a new business intelligence model supported sales team members as they planned their daily pursuits and where to focus their time.  


The Optia Team developed and managed a roll-out strategy that would:

  • Prepare leadership to communicate all aspects of the model
  • Ensure operations were in place to support the model
  • Prepare sales representatives for working with new technologies and processes
  • Align compensation with the new model


To help everyone understand expectations and opportunities, Optia met with key stakeholders and established a schedule for roll-out, identified process owners and subject matter experts, and facilitated a series of working sessions to flesh out specifics. The team completed the digital transformation decisions within thirteen weeks and created a foundation for the business intelligence sales model as it stands today.