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Real-time access to sales and operations data

Real-time access to sales and operations data
Project Metrics
Annual cost savings from automation
11 Days
Reduction in month-end close effort

A chemical manufacturing company needed real-time access to accurate sales and operations data to support strategic decisions.


Companies that manufacture a wide range of products and sell those to a varied customer base often struggle to find a common language to describe their products for internal reporting.  But management needs an enterprise view of sales in order to quickly understand the impact of changing market demands on their product lines. 

A chemical manufacturing company recognized that to support strategic analysis at a global level, senior leadership needed to have better visibility into consistent performance data across lines of business.  Optia Group worked with the client to standardize and transform their enterprise data to support sales and executive reporting.


The Optia Group Team managed an enterprise initiative, working with global business leaders to:

  • Design a standard enterprise taxonomy for product and sales data across three major lines of business
  • Automate necessary data transformations to support standard, consistent reports
  • Coordinate a large-scale data cleanup effort across all lines of business
  • Establish a data governance team responsible for keeping data clean and consistent
  • Prepare the global organization for the changes inherent in moving to self-service reporting 
  • Build, test, and train the community on a new cloud-based business performance reporting tool


The result was real-time self-service visibility into the company’s financial performance, replacing daily and monthly point-in-time views.  This accompanied a stark reduction in the effort required to access this data on a monthly basis.  Data accuracy improved and executives can see a consistent picture of the company’s financial standing across lines of business.  Confidence in data is at an all-time high and leadership is able to focus their efforts on strategic conversations on how to advance company performance.