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Cultural Integration Post M&A

Cultural Integration Post M&A
Project Metrics
90 Days
Length of time to create a new enterprise Intranet
Percent increase in daily Intranet usage

When two global companies come together, a transformed Intranet becomes the hub to unite the organization, communicate information and support a new culture.


The merger of two long-standing industry competitors brought together 4,000 global employees, hundreds of years of expertise, a variety of technology platforms and two dramatically different cultures.

With senior leadership focused on driving the new company forward, a central communications tool was identified as a critical need.  Optia Group was asked to help lead the design and implementation of a new Intranet in 90 days.


Having the right information, easily available is crucial when aligning expanded teams, supporting productivity and building a culture of trust and productivity.  Corporate mergers often create disruption and leave employees feeling detached as they try to understand what the future holds.  

The Optia Group team worked closely with business leaders from 14 global teams to design and implement a flexible model to:

  • Rapidly identify high value information assets from legacy sources 
  • Reflect the new company’s culture by embracing current trends in visual storytelling
  • Support a location-neutral, mobile workforce with responsive design
  • Migrate information from multiple unique legacy platforms while aligning with the new company’s digital roadmap 
  • Reduce reliance on email to share critical information
  • Move employee experience toward a “self-service” model for benefits, career, and technology
  • Support language translation


Today the client has a clean, easy-to-use Intranet that reflects their new company culture. The Intranet invites team members to stop by each day for important updates and supports a wide range of self-service options.  Executive management has embraced the new Intranet and leverages the platform to drive transparent communication and support teams regardless of their work location in an office, at home or while traveling.