Optia Group Business Processes

The business processes in use at the Optia Group are the same processes that can optimize your business.

The Optia Group value proposition is anchored in our abilities to listen, develop strategic project plans and management tools that optimize business, and deliver measureable metrics to track success. By proactively addressing time, cost, scope, resource and risk considerations, we ensure on-time and on-budget delivery of every project we assume.

Having worked to implement solutions at organizations large and small, the Optia Group has proven success working with pre-revenue, venture capital-funded, rapid growth, and global organizations.

Please review a  case study to see how the Optia Group has developed business processes for businesses like yours.

What to Know About the Optia Group

Our passions and skills lie in:

Our goals include:

  • Increasing Your Revenue
  • Reducing Your Costs
  • Streamlining Your Business Processes
  • Enhancing Your Sales Operations &  Strategy
  • Building Results and Compensation-Driven Sales Plans
  • Attracting Top Talent to Your Organization

Our Workflow Process

icon-concept Concept
Investigation and strategy surrounding your needs, concepts, environment, cultural aspects, and target audiences.  
Deliverable: Clearly-defined approach and agreed-upon goals.

icon-plan Plan
Your project leaders and our experts collaborate to create the project charter defining objectives, requirements, deliverables, timelines, resources, and tools needed to achieve goals and measure success.  
Deliverable: Project plans including milestone timeline, communication plan, roles and responsibilities, and other key controls.

icon-implement Implement
Proactive execution of project plans, implementing change and improvements as needed to meet goals.
Deliverables: Project milestone tracking, regular status communications, and issue identification and resolution.

icon-communicate Communicate
Consistent cadence with project sponsors and stakeholders consistent with your organization’s culture, communicating project status and suggesting changes where warranted.
Deliverables: Consistent communication and metric reports.

icon-transfer Transfer
Ramp down of the project, analysis against the project goals, and transition of projects to your team.
Deliverables: Final meetings include staff training and transferring of all data needed to continue new processes.