Sales Optimization & Strategy

How efficient is your sales team? Do your sales operations need to be more streamlined? Are your salespeople effectively communicating your products and services? Can you articulate your sales strategy?

Even a brilliant business strategy does not guarantee success. Sales teams must have the knowledge, approach, resources and support to close business and build relationships.

The Optia Group boasts a wealth of expertise in sales operations and strategy, training, performance measurement, and compensation planning, having worked with start-ups, mid-range companies, and global organizations.

We begin by looking at the entire sales process, from lead generation and follow-up to sales triggers and post sale retention. We also look at compensation and suggest options to further motivate your sales team.

Understanding that expectations for today’s sales force are higher than ever, we provide a repeatable sales process to improve operational efficiency and increase sales effectiveness.

Sales Optimization Solutions

Sales Process Development & Implementation

  • Sales Strategy Development
  • Building & Implementing Integrated, Repeatable Sales Processes
  • Market Messaging Analysis

Training & Coaching for Effective Selling

  • Review of Sales Triggers
  • Training Programs
  • Sales Scripts and Coaching
  • Relationship Development

Sales Operations & Coordination

  • Accurate Sales Forecasting
  • Implementing Metrics-Based Measurement & Accountability Tools
  • Sales Team Evolution: On-Boarding & Reporting
  • Performance & ROI Review

Sales Incentive & Compensation Planning

  • Compensation Review
  • Incentive Planning
  • Motivational Techniques